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Past to present

It is hard to believe that Comrags began in 1983.

The designs and the designers, Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish, have maintained a youthful and current edge making their clothes a joy to own. We've put together a snap shot history that spans their inspired career and maybe has a few of your favourites.

Over the course of 40 years in business, we’ve had the pleasure of watching our customers land their first jobs, find love, celebrate big moments, and experience all the highs and lows of life. We love that when you walk in the store, we get to meet a whole array of people that have one thing in common – an appreciation for beautiful and well-made clothing. Many of you have ‘built’ a Comrags’ wardrobe over our many years by pairing past pieces with new pieces. Joyce and Judy have been able to spend their lives doing and continuing to do what they are good at, thanks to you.

#ComragsEncore is a place where we can celebrate the memories and vibrant community that is connected to the brand.



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