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Fall/Winter 2019

Stomping in like a metronome 
conducting these clothes, feeling like myself
I count myself in and introduce another day

Too soon to sense who I’ll be
but nobody else here
so I make up the moves as I go

Put on that one song and lose my inhibitions for 2 minutes, 48 seconds
press repeat

Tying, cinching, hooking, buckling, strapping myself to an unfamiliar slant
pieces, props, and parts

Cue backdrop, potent stance, microphone spool, switching gears
pendulum slows
ready in 4-3-2-1...

Don’t know what’s to come, but I know every word to this song


Riley Stewart - Photographer
Ilka - Next Models
Gregory Graveline - Hair / Makeup
Jimmy Moorhouse - Styling
Vintage Jewellery by Odile Chatelain
Shot on location at Camden Towne Fine Leather Goods

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