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Fall / Winter 2016

Early morning and there is an echo of thick-heeled footsteps on a creaky floorboard. Running her fingers along dusty surfaces, tap tap tapping the day away. But never idle. She has been here before. Familiarity provides comfort, as she knows this place well and can sense there is opportunity here. Everything in this place is veiled except for the sharp silhouettes on her person, clothes with intention and perfect posture. She does not want anybody to know her, only to think that they do. The pieces she has selected to wear transcend the day's changing light, cave into themselves and feel no shame for staying indoors. Yet, she stays still and remains prepared to take it all on. Playing dress up in a closet of many generations; succumbing to the architecture and using it as support. Anything else is an ambiguous prop found discarded in an uncertain world. All is quiet, there is much time to think. Many rooms of their own to inhabit.

Riley Stewart – Photographer
Bojana – Elmer Olsen Models
Gregory Graveline – Hair / Makeup
Jimmy Moorhouse – Styling
John Fluevog – Selected Footwear

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